Candlemas Activity and Craft

I wrote this post for Candlemas last year, but most of you weren't readers back then and I really liked this idea, so I thought I'd run it again. You can also check out my post from last year on ideas for celebrating Candlemas here, and my roundup of candle crafts and food ideas here. St. Blaise's feast day is also coming up on February 3, so these candle crafts will be useful for him as well! :-)

Candlemas is coming up on February 2, which is the feast of the presentation of Jesus in the temple, and the traditional end of the Christmas season. Among many things, this a a traditional day to bring your candles in to be blessed and to light candles in your home. There is often a procession into mass with candles as well. Click here to read more about Candlemas.

This is a craft I came up with where you make faux candles out of rolls of change, then you take them to mass on Candlemas to put into the collection basket! :-)

Completed Project

What you'll need:
  • Rolled Change
  • Paper (white, yellow, and orange)
  • Decorative Paper (optional)
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors

Start by rolling some change. This can be a good math
activity for elementary aged children!

Cut your paper a little longer than the tube of
rolled change, attach with a glue stick.
Allow the extra length to overhang the top.

Fold down the top to close the same
way you did with the top of the change roller.

Cut teardrop shaped flames from yellow paper, leaving
a tab at the bottom. Embellish with a football shaped
piece of orange paper and attach with a glue stick.

Fold the tab backwards and use it to attach the
flame to the candle with glue.

If you use white paper, your kids can decorate the candles with markers or stickers. Voila! Your "candles" are ready for the collection basket! :-)

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  1. Great idea and cute too! The kids will really enjoy making the candles and putting them into the collection basket. :)

  2. This is such a GREAT idea, and it's a craft AND a way to make donating fun! Like when they have people fill up baby bottles with change for pregnancy crisis centers, etc. Perfect for Sunday's Mass when you know they will be blessing everyone afterwards in honor of St. Blaise! Ingenious AND creative - you GO GIRL!

  3. I had never heard this feast called candlemas or at least didn't catch it. Thanks!

  4. O...M...G... too cute! lOve that you put it in the collection basket! SO cool!


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