Pro Life Craft for Kids

The anniversary for Roe v. Wade and the national march for life are coming up at the end of this month, so I wanted to spend some time bringing you pro life content. After spending much time searching the internet for pro life activities and crafts to do with children, I discovered one of 2 things. A- there aren't any. Or B- they're impossible to find. So I've been working to get some pro life activities out there for all of you!

The first is a craft my daughter and I did making pro life signs. Not only are these a fun activity, but you can use them as diy protest signs for a pro life march as well! :-)

For this craft, you will need:
  • Paper
  • Markers
  • Paint and/or Ink for stamping

For starters, I'm going to show you how to make tiny baby foot prints with your hand. Start by making a fist and dipping the pinkie side of your hand into the paint. Use this to print the main part of the foot like so:

Add the tiny toe prints with your little finger, and voila!
A baby footprint!

Add pro life phrases using paint or markers.

As long as your hands are already covered in paint, you might as well make some hand print signs as well.

Here are some handprint Hortons we made from
Horton Hears a Who with the famous pro life quote-
"A person's a person, no matter how small".

We made the pink clovers with a fingerprint.For anyone who doesn't know about 'Horton Hears a Who'
and where this children's book fits into the pro life cause, check out this link.

More handprint signs:

If you have any more ideas for clever things to write on the hand and footprint signs, leave it in the comments! Also leave us a link if you've done some pro life stuff with your kids so we can all go see :-)

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  1. you did great! those are really great posters! you ought to show you church I bet they would display them!

    we might have to make a few too!

  2. This is so cute! I think the kids will really enjoy making them!!!!! :)

  3. Just wanted to let you know how great your blog is! I read it everyday and was so thrilled to have found it through Waltzing Matilda. I go to most of the same blogs as you for ideas :) and now can go to one place. So perfect!

  4. How clever you are!!! There is just NOTHING out there for young children on Pro-Life, or for any age group for that matter. This is great and we are definintely doing this in CCD tomorrow night!!

  5. I LOVE this! Seriously, you are so ingenious;y (yes, that's a word and I made it up) creative!

  6. it is also a mothers right to terminate!

  7. It's also a child's right to a FUN childhood without learning the art of protesting. Seriously, let them be kids and make their own choices when they grow up.

  8. To Anonymous: if you are so sure of your comments, then why do you hide? ~ Kathy Lynch

  9. Maybe Anonymous is scared of the Lynch Mob...You people are mental, you'll all be grandmothers at 40 and Ill bet you are teaching you're kids to abstain also.
    Good luck with that.

  10. It's not enough that you twist the bible's words into your own meanings, but Horton Hears a Who? Now you've crossed the line.

  11. I found your site from Jessica @ Shower of Roses. I'm excited to spend more time reading your archives.
    Pax Christi - Lena

  12. What a great idea for the march coming up! Thanks!

  13. Dear anonymous,
    You forgot that we will be great grandmothers at 60 and great-great grandmothers at 80. What an awesome thought!

  14. Wow, neat craft! TY

  15. What a fun blog! Thanks for taking the time to pull all this together! Today the kiddos and I did the A Person is a Person No Matter How Small poster today. Here's our post...
    Many thanks again!

  16. I know it has been a long time since anyone has commented. Yet I had to say from a mothers point of view, it is not protesting. It is teaching your children the truth, to love and to care about others. If you teach your children to recycle and love the earth and respect animals.... why not humans? My daughter who is 12 is the president of her schools pro life club, they have had diaper drives and collected items for babies. This helps others and is the way we should all be, loving and kind. We cant go threw life being anonmous, we need to care!


  17. My boys made the Horton signs for their sister tonight.

    I found it interesting in reading the comments that some take issue with children "protesting". My 7yo only knew that he was making a sign that says we value life. I would never burden a child with information that they are not ready to handle.

    Anyway, my boys had fun and their big sis is super excited to have her signs, made with love by her brothers, to bring with her tomorrow to the prolife march (and she is 17).

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas!!


Thanks for your comments! They're the icing on my cake ;-)