DIY Candle Stations of the Cross

I absolutely love stations of the cross that are candles. The idea is that after each station, you extinguish the coordinating candle. This way, at the end, the room is dark and somber. 

This amazing idea for votive stations of the cross originally
came from Just Another Day in Paradise. She includes
directions on how to make them yourself, and a link to the
free printable stations she used! :-)

 Ten Kids and a Dog did the same project, but 
first they made their votives purple for lent!

 I also found this stations of the cross project on
Homeschool Goodies. It really turns out beautiful every time!

And as long as you have out your glue and tissue paper, 
from Hang on Baby Jesus. This is Gonna Get Bumpy.

Hope you guys are enjoying all the Stations of the Cross ideas! More to come :-)

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  1. These would be great for the classroom or at home. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. are doing a positively stellar job of assembling wonderful enhancements to living the liturgical year...I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work. Inspirational! Have a blessed day...

  3. I just found your blog and I LOVE it! I will be back frequently.
    We also do a candle-centered stations of the cross with our children. The difference is that we only have 12 candles, because Jesus dies in the 12th station and the Light goes out of the world. Dad does the last 2 stations with a flashlight and the rest of us in the dark. We love it.
    Thanks again!

  4. love this idea! I hope to make 2 sets this week. one for my family and another for Papi's Godparents.
    Pax Christi - Lena

  5. Some cute st. David's day stuff here:

  6. I finally made a set for my family. They were so easy to make and the kids love them so did the Godparents.
    Pax Christi - Lena

  7. Thank you for posting these! I'd been wondering what to do with the stations of the cross stickers I bought at Dollar Tree yesterday (thank you!). I'm going to get some votive candleholders, put purple tissue on them and the stickers! So excited to get my kids involved in this.


Thanks for your comments! They're the icing on my cake ;-)