Holy Thursday / Last Supper Craft

I've been working on a craft here, and I'm so excited to share it with all of you today! It's a Last Supper craft for Holy Thursday, and it's based on the famous Leonardo da Vinci Last Supper painting. Here's a picture of the completed project:
Click to Enlarge
Now, here's the beauty- this is super easy to do, and I'm going to tell you how to make one yourself! All you need are my printables (provided below) and 2 egg cartons! Well, I guess you also need crayons, scissors, and glue ;-).

How to make your own:
1. Take 2 egg cartons, and cut off the lids.
2. Snip slits in one carton just before the last 2 cups.
3. Overlap 2 sets of cups and fit together with the slits.
4. When you're sure you have them fitting right, secure them with glue.

This will leave you with "one" long egg carton with 11 cups across.

5. Print, color, and cut out my downloads (scroll down for downloads).

6. Glue one person to each upside down egg carton cup. You may have to cut them a little shorter than I drew them depending on the egg cartons you're using. Glue them all across the front side of the back row, and make sure the 2 tall ones go on the ends. See the picture:

Need to know what order to glue them in? If you want them to match the da Vinci painting, match their names from the coloring pages to the order he painted them in:

7. Color and cut out the table from my printables (scroll down for downloads) and fold them in half along the dotted line. Adjust the length needed for your egg cartons, and glue the "table" on across the tops and front of the egg carton cups. The table will print in 2 pieces- you have to piece them together.

When you're all done, proudly display this adorable craft on your mantel, or use it as a centerpiece for your Holy Thursday dinner table :-)

Here are my downloads so you can make this yourself! You can print all the sheets for free! Enjoy, and send me pictures of your projects if you take some ;-) This would also be a great craft to go with a first communion lesson, and we all know first communion is coming up! :-)

*To avoid technical problems, download before printing*
I cannot troubleshoot your printer problems with you.
Thank you for understanding.

These pages are my own artwork and are free for any not-for-profit use by individuals, families, or educational organizations. Copies may not be sold, reproduced for profit, or published by anyone but me. If you'd like to post this project for others to find, I would ask that you link to my post and rather than my individual downloads because their location may change. When printing or running copies, please do not remove my website from the bottom of the page. Thanks!

If you'd like to include an art lesson about Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper as you do this project (which as an art major myself, I think is a fabulous idea) here are some things you can do. Tell your children that this painting is supposed to be the instant that Jesus says to the disciples "Amen, I say to you, one of you will betray me" (Matthew 26:21). Ask your children what they think of the apostle's reactions. Then go over these things:
  • The apostles are all reacting, but Christ is the calm in the midst of the storm.
  • There are many symbols of the trinity in the painting- 3 windows behind Jesus, Jesus' arms make him the shape of a triangle, and the apostles are all seated in groups of 3.
  • In the first group of 3, the apostles all seem surprised- Andrew to the point that his hands are in a "stop" gesture. Bartholomew has stood up so quickly his legs are still crossed.
  • Peter is holding a knife, foreshadowing his upcoming violence at the garden of Gethsemane.
  • Judas is holding a bag- symbolizing the bag of silver he will betray Jesus for. His face is utter shock at Jesus' knowledge of his plan.
  • John seems to be "swooning". The most asked picture about this painting is "Why does John look that way?" 
  • Doubting Thomas, with his finger in the air, indeed looks doubtful!
  • James the greater seems stunned with his arms in the air, while Philip seems to request an explination.
  • Matthew and Jude both look to Simon for an explanation, while he seems unable to provide one.
To learn more about this painting (either for your own knowledge or a more in-debth lesson) go here.

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    1. Lacy, you are amazing!!! Thanks for another great project!

    2. Oh, my gosh! This is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!

    3. I'm always so impressed by your projects.

    4. Seton's Art 1 for Young Catholics provides the same craft only with a different table. We have done this craft almost every year, using some wood purchased from Joanns for the table. A picture of Seton's figures can be seen here.

    5. Wow!
      I know it's a fabulous project when my children beg to do it NOW!

      My son is out looking for egg cartons now :-)

    6. This is adorable. I'm sure my 8 year old will want to do this craft!

    7. I love this craft and the combined art lesson. All three of my girls can help with this. Thanks for sharing:)

    8. Oh my goodness!! This is incredible! :-) I want to be like Lacy when I grow up! ;-)

    9. What a great idea! I think we'll be seeing you in the bookstores someday. Good stuff.

    10. Your completed project is fabulous. Super idea!

    11. Thanks so much! I will save this to use as part of Da Vinci artist study.

    12. This is a WONDERFUL Holy Thursday craft ... thanks!

    13. I saw this idea in a book somewhere and thought it would be a great writing project to add to this craft: Have your child make themselves to add to the Last Supper table and then write about what they would have said, felt, thought, done, etc.

    14. Thank you so much for your great ideas! I used your Pretzel Card with my students today. They colored them while the pretzels were baking. It's a great keepsake for Lent!

    15. Thank you for this great craft! I now know why I have been saving egg cartons all month! Our picture study this month is The Last Supper....I love when everything "works".
      Happy and Holy Triduum and Easter!

    16. Did this Today and my kids loved it, I posted with a link thanks for all you do!

    17. Lacy, I thought this would make a good craft for the feast of St. Pius X, who is known as the Pope of the Eucharist. Unfortunately, it is listed as part of the Scribd Archive, so I have to pay a fee to download and print it. Any chance you can send it to me?

    18. Scribd is now charging for downloads. (That stinks.) Any possibility you could send these to me or move them to another free site.
      I use HSlaunch.com, a file sharing site especially for homeschoolers. It is totally free to use and to download from.

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    20. I love this project and would love to do it, but have been unable to download the pictures of the apostles. When i click the link, it takes me to another page where I am unable to access the images. I would gladly pay for them, if I could figure out how! Any way you can email them to me? My class is next Monday and I already have my egg cartons :) Thank you! Carolan

    21. I did this project with my 8 year old step-daughter. We loved it and the project gave a us a perfect chance to talk about what was happening at the time the picture was 'taken'. What was this one or that one saying when Our Lord said someone was to betray him??

    22. Thank you! This is a one-hit wonder! I thought no-one would have a Davinci Last Supper craft, and this is the first thing that came up and it's wonderful! My davinci fan 3rd grader is psyched. Being a Presbyterian church educator, I haven't run into your site before, but I'm a Catholic crafts fan now! Thanks a lot--this is a worthwhile craft that will interest and teach at many levels.

    23. I forgot about this craft. I save all my egg cartons, and with a Lenten/Holy Week homeschool retreat I'm planning, this might be one of my crafts!

    24. This is a great craft! Thank you so much for sharing this.

    25. Thank You! I used your idea with my 3-rd graders, and it was awesome!

    26. Hi Lacy: I'm Cecy from Los Angeles, I'm catechist in St Clare Parish, I would like to share the Last Supper craft with my children but i have problems with the downloads. Could you please send me the downloads? Thank you so much and God Bless You. Email: cecibravo22@hotmail.com

    27. I would love to make this project with my 2nd grade First Communion class. But I can't get the pictures to download. Can anyone help! Thank you

    28. Cathy- send me an email to lacy {at} catholicicing {dot} com and I'll email you the files.

    29. Thank you! We will definitely be doing this next week. :)

    30. You inspired me!! I created a Easter Story scene for the empty tomb. Come see what we are doing! http://www.holiday-kids-crafts.com/EasterStoryPrintables.html

    31. Lacy, you rock! I know that if I need something Liturgical, I can always come here and you have the right thing for me to use with the kids! :)

      So I wanted to share what happened to me, lol, with my dear 6 year old. I tried doing this craft but he decided to challenge daVinci, lol....I blogged about it because it really was very cute (his thinking)...I just love the simplicity that children bring to the faith... Here is the post: http://raisinglittlesaints.blogspot.com/2011/04/six-year-olds-take-on-da-vincis-last.html

      Again, thank you for sharing with us! Blessings, Erika

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