Easter Link-Up!

Alright, here are some things my family did to celebrate Easter Sunday this year!

We made Easter Story Cookies on Holy Saturday evening. The kids had a great time! Lydia (who is 4) totally got the story, although we just talked about it. We didn't read it from the bible. 

The cookies were set out on the coffee table for when my kids woke up. I couldn't leave them in the oven overnight like you're supposed to because the pilot light is too hot! Lol! The tea set was "new" from Goodwill ;-)

On Easter morning, I made Resurrection Rolls with my son and they were super easy and fast to do! They were really yummy, too. My husband ate almost all of them! :-)

 Here they are completed. They turned out well!

Totally looks like an empty tomb to me! :-)

 Here is our brunch spread along with the Easter candle we made.

 Our Easter Brunch Included:
  • Angel food cake (for the angels at the tomb)
  • Easter Story Cookies
  • Resurrection Rolls (empty tombs)
  • Strawberries
  • Ham Sandwiches (Ham is actually traditional on Easter because it symbolizes the fact that Jesus brought us a new religion- one that can eat pig!)

Now it's time to share your Easter post! What did you and your family do to celebrate Easter Sunday this year? What will you be doing to continue the celebration for the 50 days of Easter season- any ideas? I want to see it all, so post those links ;-)

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  • Visit the links and leave everyone lots of comment love :-)

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  1. Lacy, I love your empty tombs! Will have to remember that one for next year. Great party -- I'm glad to be a part of it.

  2. Dear Lacy,
    Can we add Holy week activities too??

  3. Lacy...what an amazing blog! I love it :)

  4. Thanks Lacy, I got here this morning!!

    I still need to put your cute little linky though....

  5. Lacy, thank you for hosting this great link up. I'll enjoy reading everyone's posts. and I love your empty tombs. very authentic.

  6. Thank you for hosting this link up. The picture with your cookies and new tea set is beautiful.

  7. I love all the ideas. Thanks for hosting!

  8. I SO wanted to do the Easter story cookies this year! My 4 yr old would've loved it. Hopefully next year! Thanks for hosting this great link-up. Your blog is really great.

  9. Thanks for hosting this link-up. Your blog is terrific. I find so many great ideas, and it takes me down memory lane. Some of your crafts I did with our boys when they were little, and it's fun to see other families enjoying them, too. Thanks again, Lacy.

  10. Thank you Lacy for this great idea! It's like a one-stop search. Keep up with your great work!!!

  11. You know, I was thinking about your blog. It's soooo joyful. It really makes my day to visit you. Thanks for that. :-)

  12. Thanks for hooking me up. The Lenten Linkup really brought readers to my blog. I hope my links will have some fresh ideas to share. Can't wait to peek at everyone elses!

  13. Thanks for sharing the link Lacy! I'm glad your children enjoyed the Easter Story Cookies! We've been making them for years and it is always a favorite and a great way teach little ones. Happy Easter!

  14. thank you for such a wonderful & inspirational blog!

  15. Stasia Maria BlalockApril 3, 2011 at 11:13 PM

    Thank you so much! All I have to say is "you rock!" I love all your ideas our fam of 7 (8 counting the one in utero ;) ) will share in the joy of easter using your great ideas! God bless you!


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