May Altar for Mary

I wanted to share some ideas for making a May altar for your home. May is the month of Mary, so that's why May altars revolve around her :-)

I started by laying down some blue fabric I had because blue is Mary's color. Then I added a floral wreath leftover from our wedding, and a Mary statue. I just got this beautiful statue discounted at Ross for $3 because she's missing a hand. I'm going to make her a new hand from sculptey when I have the time, but I think she's fine for now.

Then I added a candelabra with blue candles, a blue rosary,
and my blue cross from the Dollar Tree. Again, blue for Mary.

We also added a rose and a pot of flowers we planted.
Flowers for our lady!

If you think you don't have a Mary statue, go raid your nativity set.

So in conclusion, here are some ideas for May altars:
  • Mary Statue
  • Lots of blue
  • Lots of flowers
  • Mary holy cards
  • Mary books
  • Rosaries
  • Candles
  • Crosses

Now here are some other great May altars I found!

By Sun and Candlelight took this pile of craft materials
and turned it into a beautiful May Altar! You have to see it!

Cottage Blessings has great directions for 

Sweetness and Light decorated their mantel May Mantel for 
the Mary. They even crafted this flower garland!

Any more May altar ideas? Feel free to leave links to your May altar in the comments so we can see those, too! :-)

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  1. great altar! love all your mary post! :)

    can't wait for may crowning at my daughters school next friday I love may crowning!

  2. Beautiul post, Lacy! We have set up our Home Altar with the many faces of Mary. Here is the link

    Many Blessings!

  3. Very nice, thank you for sharing the other blogs. I am going to work on my Mary altar, right after I post this comment.

  4. I love your Mary altar. simple and yet so wonderful. all the other ideas are awesome too, and I'll be using many of these ideas this month.

  5. Here is our Blessed Mother Display for the month of May:

  6. Our Mary Altar

    Thank you for the wonderful ideas!


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