Our Lady and the Ladybug

Did you know that the lady bug is named for the virgin Mary? It is said that farmers were having their crops devoured by insects and prayed to Mary for help. Then red and black beetles came and ate all the insects, saving the crops! They named them "Beetles of Our Lady" which over time turned into "Ladybugs". You can read more about this legend here. Try some of these fun ladybug activities for the month of May- Mary's month! :-) Maybe you could even make some blue lady bugs- symbolic of Mary's color!

Family at the Foot of the Cross has the most adorable
lady bug post with lots of crafts and fun food!

Try paint these ladybug rocks with Kaboose and then
adding them to your Mary Garden.

Make this ladybug craft from Pace Farm using an egg carton.

Crafts by Amanda has directions on making these adorable
paper plate lady bugs. Aren't they cute?!

Also make this recycled ladybug jar with Crafts by Amanda.

This tutorial for making ladybug lids also comes
from Crafts with Amanda. She has so many cute ideas!

Annie's Eats has great direcitons for making these adorable
ladybug cupcakes!

I found these strawberry ladybug treats on On a Whim.
She has a tutorial for making them as well! :-)

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  1. Lacy, I love all these ideas. What an awesome idea to put the stone lady bugs in our Mary's garden -- we'll do it!

  2. great list of ideas! i did know that and thought it was so neat when i read it somewhere!

  3. I am so glad you posted this. I did lady bug cakes for my Mary on her birthday I posted about it as well. Isn't that neat?


  4. in German, the ladybug is called "Marienkaefer" ~ Mary Beetle. :) I always thought that was pretty cool.

  5. I learned something new! Oh, my little girl will like this story! And the crafts are adorable! She'll want to do them too! Thank you!

  6. We crafted a ladybug garland.
    Thank you for the wondeful inspiration!



Thanks for your comments! They're the icing on my cake ;-)