Catholic Trading Cards

Do you remember the Marian Trading Card swap over at Pondered in my Heart? I wrote about the cards we sent off here. Well, we got our new cards in the mail this week! It was so exciting- and I'm sure I was more excited than the 4 year old! :-) Kimberlee has a Mr. Linky up where everyone can link their posts about the card swap. FUN!

My daughter had such a great time making these!

My daughter also made these- I posted about them here.

So we mailed our cards off and waited patiently...
And here are the cards Lydia got back- too cute!
(The little pink Mary came from Karen's daughter)

She was so excited!

Here are my cards:

The cards I painted were all based on famous
paintings of Mary:

Maronna and Child, William Bouguereau

The Adoration of the Magi, Gentile da Fabriano

The Virgin and Child with Saints George and Anthony Abbot,
Antonio Pisanello

Small Cowper Madonna, Raphael 

I got cards back from all over the country- Minnesota,
California, Georgia... and they're just beautiful!

This was so exciting! Some of these cards have
amazing detail- I love them!

Check out this Artist's site here! :-)
(it's Kimberlee's son! I love this one!)
I love that us moms got to "play", too! :-)

And I got a "reproduction" as well- Tanner's Annunciation!

Kimberlee is hosting another artist trading card swap in the fall for All Saints Day. I'm really looking forward to it! We will definitely be participating again! Don't forget to check out everyone else's cards. There were 575 total!

If any of these are your cards, please leave a comment and tell me! :-)

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  1. Your paintings are beautiful!!

  2. Ellie is thrilled to see the little girl who got her pink Mary card. I'm not sure which part of this has been more exciting for my kids. Making the cards, getting new ones or seeing their artwork on other people's blogs. They're loving it all!

  3. Antonio is my son! He was proud to see his card on the internet! lol

  4. all the artwork are beautiful !

  5. Wow!! You received some really nice ones! And I can't get over how beautiful yours came out. The one I did looks sad in comparison, lol.

    We had so much fun participating in the swap.

    Thanks for sharing and God bless!

  6. This is such a beautiful idea--both in the art and in the trading/giving. Looks like this was a big success!

  7. Your cards were so very lovely - it's so cool to see the paintings that inspired you and view them side by side. And that's neat you got a reproduction back. Josiah is pleased you like his card. :-) Thanks again for joining!

  8. I got one of your cards and you got one of mine in return. I love all the ones I got. We had so much fun in creating ours.

  9. I got your Pisanello reproduction (lovely!), and that's my Tanner copy. It really is so much fun to create and receive and compare notes. I can't wait until November!


Thanks for your comments! They're the icing on my cake ;-)