St. Anthony Feast Day Fun!

Saint Anthony's feast day is coming up on June 13. He is a very popular Catholic saint- the patron saints of lost objects! Here is a classic prayer to St. Anthony- "Dear Saint Anthony, please come round- Something is lost and must be found!" :-) I am just tickled at some of these adorable ideas for celebrating St. Anthony's feast day with kids!

So in honor of St. Anthony- patron of lost objects,
why not try a scavenger hunt like they did on Sweetness and Light
Check out this scavenger hunt on Curly Birds that lets kids work 
from pictures. You can print it for free! :-)

Ever heard of a Tonsure? It's the name of the haircut that 
Franciscans have where part of their head is shaved.
St. Anthony has a Tonsure, see? 

So how about trying a Tonsure cake for St. Anthony's feast day?!
I found this Tonsure Cake over on By Sun and Candlelight.

To read about the tradition of "St. Anthony's Bread" and get
a recipe, visit Ruth over at Just Another Day in Paradise.

Hope you all enjoy the Feast of St. Anthony! God bless! :-)

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  1. how clever to think of a scavenger hunt!! I love the other ideas too. thanks, lacy!

  2. What is the fabulous book in the photo? I'd love to have one for my kids!

    Our parish is St. Anthony's so this is a special feast day... I love your idea for honoring it!

  3. I love the scavenger hunt idea. How clever!


Thanks for your comments! They're the icing on my cake ;-)