Priest Peg Dolls

St. John Vianney's feast day is coming up on August 4, and he is the patron saint of priests. So I thought it would be the perfect time to make some little priest peg dolls! You can also make one that looks like your priest, and give it to him as a gift. (Or use them as a gift for a Catholic child). Use them to teach about liturgical colors, or about holy orders. The fun possibilities are endless! :-)

To make priest peg dolls yourself, get a bag of "Doll Pins" from Michael's or similar craft store, along with some acrylic craft paint, and assorted colors of felt.

Start by painting them black with a little white square for a collar, and paint in their skin and hair your desired color. You can either put on the face with paint, or use sharpie markers. After painting them, seal with mod podge or whatever your favorite sealer is.

To make their clothes from felt, cut the pieces in these shapes. You can use yellow felt, glitter glue, ribbon, or whatever you want to add decoration to the vestiments.

Attach the vestiments with hot glue, and your priests are ready to go celebrate mass!

I love to take these in the baby bag to keep toddlers occupied during mass. This is a great toy for younger kids, or a great craft for older kids to do themselves! :-) Happy Catholic crafting! 

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  1. those are awesome!

  2. so wonderful....once again your crafts inspire me!

  3. Love these! And they even look easy enough for people like me:) Thanks and God Bless!


Thanks for your comments! They're the icing on my cake ;-)