Christian Blogging Conference

Thank you for everyone who helped me get to the Relevant Conference! Many of you made donations and supported my rosary fund raiser. Thank you to all of my readers because without your support this blog wouldn't exist! And also, thank you to everyone who allows me to share their pictures and project ideas here. I couldn't do it without you!

Here I am with my traveling buddies.That's me on the left, then Laura from Frugal Friends in Northern Virginia, and Liz from Frugally Blonde. Liz is a very good friend of mine in "real life". lol. Laura is very pregnant, and such a sweet pea! I learned a lot about coupons traveling with the 2 of them for the weekend! :-)

The Relevant Conference actually wasn't what I was expecting, but I know it's exactly where God wanted me to be. It was more like a retreat than a conference. It was very inspirational, and connecting with so many other Christian women was an amazing experience! We laughed together, and we cried together. In fact, I felt like I was on the edge of tears throughout most of the weekend. Even though I was a cry baby for most of the weekend, Violet was a happy girl! :-)

Here's a picture I took of all the speakers/organizers of Relevant.
Courtney from Women Living Well, Kristin from We Are That Family, Kimba from A Soft Place to Land, Alyssa from Keeping the Kingdom First, Jess from Muthering Heights, Dana from Mrs. Moneysaver, Melissa from The Inspired Room, Angie from Bring the Rain, Crystal from Money Saving Mom, Sarah from Real Life Sarah, and Jen from Balancing Beauty and Bedlam.

I had push around a big bulky stroller everywhere I went (which was totally in the way) but nobody cared because they were all mothers, too! There were maybe 8 or so of us there with babies.

 Here's a picture of 3 bloggers all taking pictures of their lunch at the same time. Finally, somewhere I fit in!!! Although I'm not going to post a picture of my lunch. But I did take one ;-)

Have you guys heard of 1+1+1=1? If not you should check it out. Her blog has tons of Christian preschool resources for free. I've had big plans to link to a lot of her stuff for awhile, but haven't had time yet. Here I am with Carisa! She has a lot of personality- in a great way! :-)

These ladies all blog for The Homeschool Post, and Heather (owner of The Homeschool Post) is soooo funny in real life, and her and Violet became instant friends! And her Texas accent is very charming. From left to right- Beth, Jenn, Heather, and Me :-)

By the way, nominations for the Homeschooling blog awards are now open, and Heather said preschool homeschooling totally counts. *hint hint* ;-)
Join Me at The Homeschool Post!

So here I am with Kimba from A Soft Place to Land! I have been reading her blog for more than 2 years! It was very exciting to meet her and she was very nice and genuine in real life. I don't know why we start thinking people who write blogs aren't real people. They are. They're wonderful, sweet, real people!

The conference ended on Saturday night with some great worship music! 

It was very "Steubenville", and I loved it! :-)

It reminded me of all the really cool fun things I got to do when I was in high school, like going to World Youth Day, or NCYC, or all the state youth conferences I used to go to. Only without adoration. 

I am so glad that I went to this conference, and if resources allow, I'm planning on going back next year. It was an amazing time, and has helped me see how I need to re-prioritize my life, and my blog. Thank you to everyone who set up Relevant! You did an amazing job, ladies!
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  1. I know it would be a really big trip, but if you want to go to something more like a conference for blogging, you might consider trying to go to Savvy Blogging Summit next July. It was amazing this year!

    Glad you had a good time at Relevant!

  2. What a neat experience! I'll have to visit some of these blogs that I hadn't heard of. Thanks for sharing and glad you had a blessed weekend;-)

  3. what fun, especialy to meet some bloggers in person.

  4. hahaha you know Beth, Jenn, and Sprittibee would like that pic of them capturing their gorgeous dinner. ;) heeheehee that was funny.

    I adored chatting with you at Relevant!! Blessings to you and thank you for promoting the Homeschool Blog Awards :)

  5. What a joy-filled smile & spirit you have! Violet was an absolute doll and I enjoyed meeting you both. Blessings!

  6. Glad you had fun!! Thanks for all the links to the blogs, I am checking them out now :-)

  7. I had such a wonderful time with you and Laura! I'm so glad you decided to come. Looking forward to next year!!!

  8. I found you! It was so nice to meet you (and Violet) this weekend! Now I am following you on Twitter too. Blessings to you my new friend!

  9. When were you in Steubenville, Laci? I was there 97-01.

  10. So glad you had a good time and enjoyed it. I hope life allows me to attend next year as well. Blessings and Grace to you...


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