Edible Advent Wreath for Kids

As advent approaches, you might try making this super fast and easy Advent snack to learn about advent wreaths. All you need is store bought doughnuts (or if you're really awesome make them from scratch), birthday candles in pink and purple, sugar, and green food coloring. I highly suggest Krispy Kreme doughnuts, the best doughnuts in the whole wide world, but I can't get theme where I live.

Talk to your kids about how advent wreaths are round (like the doughnut) and just like God- there is no beginning and no end. Then make some green sugar (I had some left over from Mardi Gras) and sprinkle the doughnuts. Evergreens are a symbol of eternal life.

Tell your kids that the purple candles stand for royalty because Jesus is our Prince of Peace. The pink candle is the color of a rose. Light the candles and tell them what each one stands for as you do. The first purple candle stands for hope, the second one for love, the pink candle joy, and the last purple candle stands for peace. We light the advent candles to remind us that Jesus is the light of the world and from the darkness he brings life. (Little disclaimer here to remind you not to burn your children).

What order should you light your advent candles in?

Light the purple candle across from the pink one first and then go around clockwise.

I love this "Jesus is the Gift" plate it's on! I got it at the blogging conference I went to, and I wish I had the whole set!

The Jesus is the Gift Snowflake Collectionis available from Dayspring. I really wish I had this platter and the pitcher. We might use our little plate for setting out Santa's cookies this year. :-)

Jesus is the Gift Snowflake Collection - 16

I know some families give up sweets for Advent. If this is true for your family, maybe you could make round soft pretzels and green salt. Be creative, and happy waiting! :-)

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  1. This is such a fabulous idea! I think we will be getting doughnuts on the 4th Sunday of Advent! I just found this site, and I LOVE it!

  2. I love this!! Even though my boys might be on the older end for this activity, I think they will enjoy it. We usually have a time on the first Sunday in advent when we discuss the meanings of the symbols of advent. This will go along with that perfectly!

  3. such a great idea !!! thanks for sharing & that's a gorgeous plate, too !

  4. This would have been fun for the kids on Sunday, our lesson was Advent. :) I'm thinking we will still do this during the advent season in class. You have such fun ideas!

  5. Oh, my gosh! This is so cute! Yesterday I had my class make the Advent Wreath Craft from catholicmom.com, but I like this much better! We will make these next year for sure! :)

  6. People give up sweets for advent? For real? That's what we do for Lent. Your wreath is adorable. Thanks.

  7. Time to make the donuts!!! What a great idea. We'll be doing this on Sunday for sure. Thanks for the cute idea.

  8. Thank you for this idea! Our 3rd grade RE class made these as we talked through the meaning of Advent and the Advent Wreath! They 1st wrote on the plate: Jesus is The Gift! HUGE, HUGE hit. Our students tell us RE is their favorate class. How awesome is that?! - From ShinySideUp


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