Holy Week Food Ideas

I have seen soooo many cute food ideas for Holy Week! I love that writing this blog keeps me up to date on all the coolest Catholic ideas :-) Ok, here are some of my favorites:

Palm Sunday

I found this idea at 4 real forums to make
Hearts of Palm Dip for Palm Sunday. Cute!

Holy Thursday

Find the recipe for "Judases" over on Catholic Cuisine.

Good Friday

Following the Trails to Heaven had a Good Friday Liturgical Tea.
These crown of thorns are just one part of it!

Check out this chocolate crown of thorns from Homeschool Goodies.
Evann usually makes it for their St. Joseph altar and then puts it on top of
their Easter cake. (I know we don't really eat chocolate on Good Friday ;-)

Hot Cross Buns are a pretty traditional thing to make on
Good Friday, but serve for breakfast on Holy Saturday.
Find a recipe on Family Fun.

Pretzels are a really traditional food for Good Friday.
You can find my recipe here! :-)

Holy Saturday

Try making Resurrection Rolls!
(These are also known as "Empty Tomb" Rolls)
These are a favorite of ours, and super easy to make!

Have you all heard of Easter Story Cookies? They are
a fabulous way to teach kids the story! You make them on
Holy Saturday, and take them out of their oven "tomb" on
Easter morning. Love this version from Mommy's Idea Book!

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  1. Lacy- you are awesome. This is exactly why I love your blog. There is nooo way I was going to be able to find all these recipes....or even know I should be looking for them. Thanks again for saving me time and my sanity:)

  2. Even though I do not have any children, I love your blog. I get lots of ideas to enrich my faith, and celebrate being Catholic. Thank you so much, Hugs, Kathleen

  3. Thanks for the link :) I want to make that crown!

  4. Just wanted to say that the Liturgical Tea ideas originally came from Alice at the blog Cottage Blessings: http://alicegunther.com/pages/teatime.htm
    There are lots of good ones there for all year round! We did the Candlemas one in February and had lots of fun w/ it!

  5. I have ALWAYS wanted to know how to make hot cross buns-but never got around to it. Perfect timing!! And the idea of a Liturgical Tea is wonderful-thank you for sharing!

  6. Great ideas, Lacy! And thanks for including me :)

  7. I should have added, "How did I miss this last year!"

  8. I find it awesome that all the food ideas are sweet treats!!! Good thing no one in our house gave up desserts!! Thanks for listing all these-I am planning to do a craft and food each day next week with the kids so that they see how special this week is!!! Keep them coming!


Thanks for your comments! They're the icing on my cake ;-)