Happy Martinmas!

... almost. ;-) St. Martin of Tours has a feast day coming up on November 11- Martinmas! Roman soldier turned monk makes for a pretty cool feast day to celebrate! There are many traditions associated with this day including going door to door with paper lanterns, and making horseshoe cookies. You can read more about Martinmas here.

A common symbol for St. Martin is a horse, and horseshoe cookies
are traditional for this day! I love these from Every Last Cookie
because they're dusted with powdered sugar and he was know for
riding in the snow. Find the recipe here.

While you're eating your snowy horseshoe cookies, you
can sing this St. Martin Song (lyrics here) about him riding through the
snow! Under Her Starry Mantle has posted the song on You Tube.

Growing With My Girls made these horseshoe cookies
along with other crafts and activities.

If you're feeling more adventerous than horseshoe cookies,
why not try making this Cloak of St. Martin Cake?
This amazing idea comes from Under Her Starry Mantle.

Heart of the Mater has some Michaelmas ideas for celebrating
that involve giving since St. Martin was so well
known for giving his cloak to a beggar.

Under Her Starry Mantle has some great directions and
links for printables to help you make some St. Martin Lanterns!

Inside My Domestic Church also has some ideas
for Crafting Martinmas Lanterns.

By Sun and Candlelight crafted these Glass Lanterns
to celebrate this feast day.

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  2. What wonderful ideas you have shown. Oh how I wish my children were little again. I recently found your beautiful and inspiring blog. I just love it! Come and visit Charli and Me some time :>)

  3. Lacy...I just want you to know that I am such a dedicated follower and love all of what you are doing!! thank you!!
    anne marie


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