Dollar Store Haul

I often find religious stuff at the Dollar Tree, and was inspired to bring you guys a "Dollar Store Haul" post (fashioned after Heather's posts at Dollar Store Crafts). So here are some Catholic things you can currently be stocking up on at the Dollar Tree. (Products do vary some from store to store). For those of you who don't already shop at the Dollar Tree, everything is $1. So you should start. :-)

Religious Stuff at the Dollar Tree
I have gotten all kinds of religious stuff at the Dollar Tree in the past including statues, stations of the cross stickers, religious candles, and religious gift bags. They also have kid bible stories on CD, and bible flash cards. You've just gotta keep your eyes open. Here are some things I saw at my Dollar Tree this week:

Stand up crosses. I have one of these in every color the Dollar Tree has ever carried. :-)

Aren't these little angel boxes adorable? Very Raphael.

They also have some with doves. Doves are a symbol of the Holy Spirit, so these could be used for weddings, baptisms, confirmation, Trinity Sunday, etc. Sometimes there's more dove stuff in the wedding section.

 Another random religious find- these "Jesus" suncatchers. My kids love to paint suncatchers, and I usually keep a few around for a rainy (or in our case, snowy) day.

Seasonal stuff at the Dollar Tree

Valentine's Day has taken over at my Dollar Tree. This is a great cheap source of many things St. Valentine, and his feast is around the corner.

Also, think outside your Valentine's Day box. Stock up on heart stuff for celebrating the feasts of the Sacred and Immaculate hearts. This is also a great time to stock up on rose stuff for St. Therese. 

There's also a good selection of St. Patrick's Day stuff at the Dollar Tree- stuff for crafting, and stuff for decorating.

My favorite St. Patrick's Day find at the Dollar Tree are the adorable napkins!

Also check out the Mardi Gras stuff. Yes, we are having a very late lent this year, but Fat Tuesday will still be here before you know it.

Craft Stuff at the Dollar Tree

I get a significant amount of my craft stuff at the Dollar Tree, including pom pom balls, pipe cleaners, pony beads, glue, watercolor paints (for kids), fun foam, stickers, twine, glue sticks, glitter glue, kid scissors (2 for $1), tissue paper, construction paper, glitter, doilies, popsicle sticks (regular and colored) and sometimes even feathers, pool noodles (yes, I consider these a craft supply) and scrapbooking stuff. The Dollar Tree is a great cheap source for craft supplies!

You can also find a variety of Styrofoam balls etc...

along with wreaths and floral arrangement stuff.

Don't get any markers from the Dollar Tree. They will be dry before you even open the box- it's sooooo not worth the savings. Some of my other favorite places for cheap finds include the Dollar Spot at Target, and also the "Everything Under $5" aisle at Michael's. Also take advantage of Christmas clearance everywhere you go right now in stocking up for next year. Think "St. Nichoals". Loved shopping with ya'll today! ;-)

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  1. Fabulous roundup! I always see pictures and stickers of Saints and think of you. :)

  2. Lacy,
    I love getting play doh and passing it out to the kids, saying "saints are not soft..."
    and I have found a beautiful blessed mother picture there, I was telling a friend about it.
    And she mentioned we should really by stuff at these places, to show there is a demand for these religious items.....

  3. I, too, love Dollar Tree. My favorite Catholic find was a year or so after John Paul II passed away. It was Time-Life's photo book on his life. I snatched 8-10 of them and gave them out for Christmas to godparents and grandparents. I kept one for my own family and think I might still have one in my stash. JPII led such an inspiring life and with his beatification coming up this May, I consider that find a true treasure! After all, the original price on these beautiful books was well over $20!

  4. Great finds! I just blogged about a couple of things I picked up at the dollar section of Michael's. That and the dollar aisle at Target are awesome, aren't they?

  5. Hi Lacy, I'm a huge Dollar Tree fan too!

    Is it just me or did you used to have dates on your posts? I don't see any now. Just wondering :)

  6. I actually found several of Scott Hahn's books there a couple years ago. I also get many crafty items there... love the unfinished wood letters,crosses, birdhouses, boxes etc. that the kids can paint. We painted a small wooden box purple last year for Lent and filled it with symbols representing the Stations of the Cross.
    Big Lots is another favorite stop of mine to hunt in for craft treasures!

  7. It's time for me to hit the Dollar Tree NOW!!!!! :)

  8. Lacy, I stopped shopping at bargain stores when I realized the vast majority of their items seemed to be manufactured in China. I could not, as a Catholic mother, reconcile myself to buying things manufactured by a country that practices forced abortion, and whose human rights abuse record is, in my opinion, not surpassed by any other country in the world. I had to weigh what my dollar was really purchasing, was it enriching the pockets of those who imprison Catholic bishops, persecute Christians and use forced prison labor to manufacture those cheap goods Americans have become so fond of? Funny enough, my children's lives are not lacking for the lesser amount of "stuff" we have not bought.

    Please google Bishop Peter Joseph Fan Xueyan and pray for Catholics persecuted everywhere, but say an extra prayer for those in China. If only we would all,as the Holy Father did in his Urbi et Orbi message, recognize the danger Chinese Catholics are in.

    I urge everyone who shops at bargain stores to turn the item over before purchase and see if it was manufactured in China. That bargain package of crafts items may come at a higher price than you realize.

    Pray that the corporations who own bargain stores see what I see when they look at those aisles filled with bargain items, and change their business practices.


Thanks for your comments! They're the icing on my cake ;-)