Catho-o-lic  Ic-ing [Kath-uh-lic Ahy-sing] -noun (the Icing on your Catholic Cake)

1. A sweet, creamy spread of creative Catholic ideas for kids including (but not limited to) crafts, lesson plans, activities, songs, games, and coloring pages; The extra creamy topping to your solid foundation of Catholic Cake.
2. Fun tools that meet children at their own level to help them know, love, and serve the Lord.
3. Christian resources freely shared to help a wide range of mothers, teachers, and catechists everywhere enhance the faith of children. 

My mission here at Catholic Icing is to instill a love of God and the church in children. I don't want kids thinking that church is all about wearing uncomfortable clothes and sitting still for a long boring hour each week- there's so much more! I call my site "Catholic Icing" because you're not going to find the "substance" here, or rather, the "meat and potatoes" of the faith. I don't claim to be an expert on the church, and I am certainly not perfect. But... I'm pretty good at coming up with craft ideas that can provide you with a fun tool to help give your children a love of their faith! :-) Once you have a solid foundation for your faith, why not add some icing? ;-)

Catholic Icing is a place where I provide and share free Catholic ideas for Catholic kids and families. Sometimes I feature cool Catholic crafts and such that I find on other blogs, and sometimes I post original craft ideas that I designed myself. I also share links to Catholic coloring pages, lesson plans, songs, games, and anything else I consider to be "Catholic Icing". In order to serve my readers in the best way I can, most of my posts occur about a week ahead of whenever day you will need them. This gives you time to make plans, and gather supplies.

Here are the kinds of topics you can expect to see me post about:

Catholic Crafts that I design.
These posts include picture tutorials for making 
the craft yourself along with lists of needed supplies.

 Paper bag nun puppets

Gold Doily Monstrance

Giant Rosary (made from pool noodles)

Feast days I celebrate with my kids.
We often celebrate feast days early here so
that I can post the ideas in enough time to be useful.

Posts on cute Catholic food.

St. Lucy Cupcakes

I do design some printables, including coloring pages.
This printable Lenten calendar is actually 
my most popular post of all time!

Printable Nativity Craft Set

St. Gerard Picture I Painted-
now I share it as a free printable note card.

All of these printables and more are 
free to my readers! I provide them with joy!

Here are some things you won't see much of on Catholic Icing: Tons of reviews, lots of pictures of my kids, posts about my personal life, a post about a feast day the day after it happens, giveaway after giveaway, pictures of projects without directions, directions for projects without pictures, posts cramming lots of products down your throat, and lots of prayers and thoughtful religious reflections. You may see some of this stuff, but not much.

I purposely avoid topics that are controversial amongst the Catholic crowd because I'm not good at debating either - it totally stresses me out. I don't mind being vocal about the fact that I'm pro life and that I don't believe in the use of artificial birth control, but I'm not going to get into discussions about whether or not mass should be said in Latin. Go find another blog for that. 

To start finding all the Catholic ideas this site has just waiting to be discovered, try searching the different categories in my right sidebar, or go to my homepage to see the most up-to-date posts! You can also use the search box located in the upper right sidebar.

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