St. Lucia Day- Dec 13

St. Lucy (or Santa Lucia)'s feast day is coming up on December 13. Part of the legend of St. Lucy is that she was bringing supplies to the Christians hiding down in the catacombs, but she didn't have enough hands to hold her light, so she fashioned a wreath of candles to wear on her head so she could carry double the load!

To read more about St. Lucy Day, click here.
For ideas to celebrate St. Lucia Day, read on!

Check out As Cozy as Spring's amazing St. Lucy Crown!
She posts directions so you can make your own.

Print this adoarble St. Lucy paper doll for free! :-)

Aren't these Santa Lucia Dolls absolutely darling?!
She has a tutorial posted! :-)

Ever read Hanna's Christmas?
I've only heard great things!

Are your boys feeling a little left out with no wreaths to wear?
They can wear star hats like on By Sun and Candlelight.

But by all means, don't forget to make your traditional
St. Lucy braided bread! Find a recipe on Family Fun :-)

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  1. Not a Catholic, but I have a soft spot for St. Lucia because my daughter's name is Lucy! :)

    That first crown is BEAUTIFUL! I love felt.

  2. Thanks SO much for sending out the link to this blog over the NOVA moms group. I have SO been enjoying it and getting some great ideas from it!

  3. Help! I can't bake!! But I want to make the gorgeous St. Lucy braided bread for desert at my house...what's a way for those of us who can't cook from scratch to do something like this???

  4. Hi Kathy, just saw you're asking on how to make the St. Lucia Braid the easy way.

    Pillsbury has a packaged dough for rolls (or see if you can find a mix you like). My kids made it by themselves and had not trouble. Just follow the directions on the package, but add some more sugar to make the dough sweeter. To make the dough softer add some melted butter before mixing everything together.

    If you like cinnamon rolls, you'll like this braid. I found there are different recepies thru out the world for St. Lucy's bread/braid. The easiest was from Italy in which you just add raisins to the dough while mixing follow the instructions for rising the dough and when it tells you to shape just make 2 long rolls, twist them around each other and form a circle pressing the ends together. make sure they are closed.

    By the way the raisins are supposed to remind us of the blood Our Lord shed for us and also that of the Martyrs. Since wines is made of grapes and raisins are dried grapes. My kids liked this fact so much so, that even the picky ones ate them.

    Good luck and enjoy the making of it with your family



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