Food for Marian Feast Days

For any Mary feast day or occasion you're celebrating, you can't go wrong with blue- Our Lady's color! :-) Flowers are also a lovely choice for honoring Mary. So here are some ideas to help you out for the remainder of May (our Lady's month!). 

Head over to Savory Sweet Life for 

Family at the Foot of the Cross made this
blue lemonade their May crowning. So cute!

Find the recipe for these buttery sprits cookies
on The Silicone Spatula.

recipe on Boston Food & Wine.

I love the idea of this bunt cake with flowers. The cake itself is 
shaped like a crown, and then filled with flowers for Our Lady! 
I found this over on The Food Librarian.

Also, I just love these Mary cookies from Jamie Jo!
You can find them on Lord Make Me a Saint.

Here are some more blue foods to enjoy as eye candy ;-)
Click for directions on making the cupcakes, muffins, macaroons, or cake.

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  1. Oh! Yum and beautiful! I will be making some of those blue flower cupcakes! Absolutely awesome!

  2. lovely. I'm ging to check out the bundt cake in the shape of a crown. thanks Lacy!

  3. Wanted to add a few that I included at an Assumption party we had last year for our homeschool group. These are also based on the various titles of Mary found in the Litany of Loreto.
    Rosemary Chicken
    Mother of Christ the Bread of Life Garlic Bread
    Blessed is the fruit of thy womb fruit dish
    Virgin of Virgins olive oil pasta salad
    The New Eve Garden Salad
    Assumpta Salad
    Mary Blue Assumption Punch
    Miracle of Cana Wine
    Queen of Heaven Rice Krispies Crown
    Queen of the Holy Rosary cupcakes
    Here's more information:

  4. wow, look at that awesome blue cake! how gorgeous! wish i had those skills :)


Thanks for your comments! They're the icing on my cake ;-)