Who's Ready to Celebrate Pentecost?

Pentecost is coming up this Sunday- 50 days after Easter (the official end of the Easter Season). It is also the birthday of the church. On Pentecost, the holy spirit came upon the 12 apostles and gave them "tongues of fire". Because of this, the color for Pentecost is red and is often symbolized with fire. You also see a lot of doves for Pentecost because doves are the most common symbol of the holy spirit. Intrigued? Read up some more on Pentecost. Looking for some fun celebration ideas? Read on, my friends!

Lets start with the basics- wear red to mass! This is a fun tradition 
I remember from being a child, and you'll fit in amongst 
the red crowd in the pews- plus you'll match the priest! :-)

Try giving your kids red hots or fireballs as treats on 
Pentecost so they too can have "tongues of fire". :-P

Make the church a birthday cake! May I suggest red velvet in keeping
with the Pentecost theme? These Pentecost cakes are from 4 Real 
Forums. Tons of symbolism going into these- your family could learn a lot!

The Catholic Toolbox has multiple posts on Pentecost! :-)
Endless great links- don't miss these posts!

Gladdest Hours celebrated Pentecost with these great cupcakes
and more! Check out the post to see it all.

And don't forget about this Pentecost Coloring Page
from Sermons for Kids.

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  1. Love it! Learned about the Ascension in class last night and I felt like I had an advantage from reading your blog. I am SO making red velvet cupcakes for my class next week! Happy Monday : )

  2. those cakes are marvelous. the opne with the holy apostles and Mary imprinted on the top is amazing! thanks for these great ideas.

  3. planning on making a "beehive" cake! Thanks for all the ideas!

  4. My son's confirmation is Sunday and i love the idea of giving out fireballs at his luncheon!


Thanks for your comments! They're the icing on my cake ;-)