Catholic Icing Fundraiser- Rosary Bake Sale!

Welcome to my bake sale! Today I'm having a fund raiser here on Catholic Icing. I'm raising money to go to The Relevant Conference, which is a Christian blogging conference happening only a few hours from where I live. There will be talks such as "Finding God's Purpose for your Blog" and "Keeping the First Things First", along with more 'bloggy' talks such as "Maximizing your Niche" and "Social Media 101".

I know a lot of you really love Catholic Icing, and I do too! I really feel that going to this conference would be beneficial to me and this blog. The tickets for this conference are $259, and it includes food. So I just need the money for the ticket, gas, and and a hotel room. I'm also in the process of looking for roommates, so let me know if you know someone going. Or let me know if you live in Hershey Pennsylvania and have a spare room you'd lend to me and the cutest baby in the world for one weekend ;-)  

If you'd like to help me get to this conference, there are 3 different ways you can do just that.

The first way you can help is to donate. You can do so on paypal by clicking the "donate" button below. No amount is too small to be helpful! If you donate, feel free to take one virtual cupcake below from the bake sale table. They're much better for your waistline than conventional cupcakes. :-)

Donate here and receive your Virtual Cupcake!

I also made some rosaries that I'm selling at my Bake Sale.
Click here to see all my ebay auctions.
I posted these rosaries on ebay to auction off as a fundraiser. I call them "Color Wheel Rosaries". I made the beads myself from polymer clay, and strung them with my own 2 hands. I know these are the most colorful rosaries I have ever seen!

I have no plans to continue making rosaries once I raise 
the money I need, so get them while they're fresh!
Find the ebay auctions for these Color Wheel Rosaries here, here and here.

St. Therese 1 Decade Rosaries
 Find the ebay auctions for these St. Therese One Decade Rosaries 
here and here.

Color Wheel 1 Decade Rosary

Find the ebay auction for this One Decade
Color Wheel Rosary here.
(I love the crucifix I made on this one!)

Catholic Icing Cupcake Rosary
  Find the ebay auction for this one and only 
Catholic Icing Rosary here.
(Some of the swirly beads are a little burnt on the back).

I baked for a long time in preparation of this sale.
And who thought I wasn't a chef?

Thanks for stopping by my bake sale! Enjoy
some complimentary eye candy on your way out! :-P

You could also consider becoming a sponsor of Catholic Icing and can find more information about advertising on Catholic Icing by clicking here.

I was really nervous about having a fundraiser because I work really hard to provide free resources for the Catholic community, but I really felt like this is something I need to make happen.Thank you to everyone who reads and supports this blog, and thank you for considering a contribution. God bless! 

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  1. So pretty! Good luck on your fundraiser!

  2. Wow! You always amaze me! You are so creative! I am sure you will get more than what you need!

  3. Good luck with the fundraiser - sounds like a great conference!


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