O Atiphons Ideas

No matter what you may have already missed the boat on this Advent season, the O Antiphons don't start until December 17, so you still have time! If you're wondering "What are the O Antiphons?", click here and read all about them! Basically every day from December 17-24 you highlight the Messiah with a different name, each of them starting with "O" (Ex: O Emmanuel). Here are some ideas for celebrating these days:

Over at Family Centered Living, you can find these beautiful
O Antiphon Ornaments that you can print for free! :-)
(She has the matching Jesse Tree ornaments, too.)

You can find coloring pages on O Night Divine for each of the O Antiphons. Your kids can color one each day! Find them here: O Sapientia, O Adonia, O Radix Jesse, O Clavis David, O Oriens, O Rex Gentium, O Emmanuel.

Also on O Night Divine, find directions on making these 

over at Waltzing Matilda, such as this Texas Sunrise for
"O Dawn of the East, brightness of light eternal, and sun of justice..."

Seriously don't miss my O Antiphons round up from last year! There are some other really great ideas in that other post- I just didn't want to bore you with re-runs. :-)
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  1. *Always* link back to your previous posts on stuff like this! Those of us who are new really, really appreciate it! (since, you know, if I spend all my time digging through your lovely archives, I'll never do any activities with my daughter. :>)) Thanks!!

  2. Ooh Good idea! I bet I have just enough tins left to make a cake pan O Antiphons to match our Advent Calendar!! Thanks for the reminder!


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