Crafts for the Chair of St. Peter

The feast of the Chair of St. Peter is coming up on February 22. You can read more about it here at Catholic Culture (a site that I love!). Here are some ideas for celebrating the feast of the Chair of St. Peter with kids. (Start by checking out some pictures of the Chair of St. Peter, then move onto some of these fun ideas!)

This stained glass window craft from By Sun and Candlelight
looks just like the stained glass window above the chair!!!
I couldn't love this craft more, and she posted great directions!

Try crafting a chair yourself to go in front of your stained glass
window. I love the idea of making one from a tissue tube!
I found these at Mid-Craft Crisis. (I think it goes without saying
to modify this craft- think less Barbie, more St. Peter). ;-)

Love this edible chair for this feast day celebration from  
Catholic Cuisine! Adorable and easy- doesn't get better than that!
(This picture was posted with permission)

I love this St. Peter cake from Our Daily Life and Work!
She also suggests playing musical chairs.What a cute idea!

Find another Chair of St. Peter Round-up on Familia Catolica. Happy celebrating! If you have a minute, I'm still up for best Catholic blog and you can vote here daily. Thanks so much for all your support on facebook! You guys are the best! :-)

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  1. Love the stained glass window craft! Also wanted to say thank you for the way that your website is organized on the right hand side, especially the activities "perfect for" by month! That is sooooo helpful! Your blog is a big resource for me and all that organization on the right hand side makes finding things sooooo convenient!

  2. woo hoo!
    3086 votes and you're winning!
    Just voted and had to let you know!!! Go Lacey!

  3. Hi Lacy! I love these ideas! And I second Angela's comment - your site is so organized, which makes it so great to use often as a great resource.

    Catholic Icing has really gotten me more active in the faith with my kids. Thanks so much!

    Still voting for you. It is so close! Everyone keep voting for Lacy!


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