Stations of the Cross Montessori Activity for Catholic Kids

Yesterday's stations of the cross eggs have 2 parts for us, even though either activity can stand on its own. My Catholic preschool class has been needing some new Montessori activities to do during the "works" portion of our class, so I put together a stations of the cross file folder activity. (I want to go ahead and insert here that while I do love to use "Montessori-type-methods" for educating my children, I don't actually have any professional training in the area. So when you see "Montessori" stuff on this blog, I'm just doing my best and trying to share it with you.)

This was really easy to put together. Start by printing off 2 matching sets of stations of the cross (unfortunately the ones I used are no longer available for printing from the internet, but you can find some printable stations of the cross here). Glue one set down to your file folder, and cut the other set out like individual cards. I also labeled mine 1-14 so this can be used for number learning as well. (I also labeled the backs of the cards with numbers). Then, laminate your file folder with clear contact paper, and your stations of the cross cards can be laminated with clear packing tape. Shuffle the stations of the cross cards, and have your child match them up to the ones on the file folder.

Matching the Stations of the Cross

Matching the Stations by number

Also, try pairing them with your Stations of the Cross Eggs !

Just have your kids match your stations of the cross symbols to the corresponding station.

Here's the front

On the back I taped on a baggie to hold the cards.

I think this would be a great take-along activity for kids during the stations of the cross at your church. My 5 year old is totally familiar with all the stations now! I'm working on it with my 2 year old. ;-)

And for anyone who's interested in Catholic Montessori activities for kids, I'm having a giveaway today on Catholic Icing's facebook page for a free Catholic Montessori e-book! The author was trained by the
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd people, and I was skimming over the stuff yesterday- it looked really cool! Enter to win here! :-)

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  1. I'm bummed that not being on Facebook means I can't win. ;-(

    Thanks for the mention.

    There are a few options for images for Stations at this site:

  2. Great idea Lacy. Thanks! I'd like to try this using library pockets with sticky backs. Maybe glue the original card to the front of the library pocket and then have the children put the matching card inside of the pocket. I love your suggestion for taking this along for Stations of the Cross!

  3. ugh! can't enter as i am not on face book!

    thanks for the great stations activity! The little ones are very interested in them at the moment so i think i will make a set asap!

  4. My kids r 9. 7, and 4. Our trinkets didn't fit inside the eggs. Our Dollar Trees didn't have anything religious, so printed online and glued them to the back of the empty carton - same colors of paint in the bottom, folded pics over and put sticker with Station # on the back - so a two way game - match station # to heart with writing, then match the trinket. Much quieter in our parish. Thanks for the impetus...


  5. Hi Lacy~ I have enjoyed these last 2 Stations of the Cross posts~Great thinking!

  6. Thanks for sharing your wonderful hands-on Stations of the Cross activities! I featured your activities at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page at

  7. WOW. I just came across your blog by googling Lenten crafts and love your ideas! Trying to come up with something for my son's preschool co-op class this week. Wishing I could somehow get already colored pics of each station for that folder activity. They are mostly 3 & 4 yr olds, so thinking they might not color too well and it may take too long? Any suggestions?

  8. I'd suggest the cards that Jenn made for putting on a ring, and you can totally print them in color. :-)

  9. What great ideas! I can't wait to share them with my mom for the grandkids. Thanks for sharing new hands-on ways to approach Lent.

  10. I love all of these ideas! A mom at our homeschool preK club brought the stations of the cross images for the children to glue onto construction paper and be laminated. Then she had the children decorate purple bags to keep the symbols in. The kids decorated the bags with religious stickers and a foam cross. My son loves pulling each item out of the bag and matching it to the correct station. We asked her where she got the idea and she pointed us here to your blog. Such wonderful ideas!


Thanks for your comments! They're the icing on my cake ;-)