Saint Xavier Spoon Craft

Catholic ABC's Week: 28
Letter of the week: X
Theme: St. Xavier
Saint of the Week: St. Xavier
Craft: Spoon Saint Xavier

You can get wooden craft spoons at your local craft store. These are simple to make, and a lot of fun!

How to Make a St. Xavier Spoon Saint
Start with a wooden craft spoon. Have the kids use markers to add a face and hair- googly eyes are fun for this project! Cut the clothes out of black construction paper and attach with glue. You can cut little ovals for hands out of construction paper or a manila file folder. Tie a little piece of twine, embroidery floss, or yarn around his waist, and give him a pipe cleaner cross. (Better yet, salvage a little crucifix from an old broken rosary.) We finished off this craft with an "X" sticker from our foam alphabet stickers.

We watched Francis Xavier and the Samurai's Lost Treasure DVD which was a lot of fun! This is a cute movie, and full of adventure (read- great for little boys!). Some of the movies made by this company (CCC of America) are a little scary for small kids, and I don't love all of them, but this one I recommend without reservations. While these movies aren't "Disney quality", they are pretty good. If you don't want to buy it without seeing it first, you can rent it from Pius Media, and coupon code BVM1 will give 50% off your first month's subscription with them. Yay!! :-)

In this movie, St. Francis Xavier saves a child from a tiger, deters pirates, and is protected by God from a pit of hungry alligators! The black pom pom ball is our "black pearl". This was a really fun movie to make crafts for! So we made a spoon craft alligator, tiger, and pirate as well!

Tiger Spoon Craft
Color with orange marker, add face with black marker, cut out construction paper ears with black marker details, and wind with a piece of black embroidery foss for the stripes.

Alligator Spoon Craft
Color spoon green with marker, and glue on googly eyes. Use zig zag scissors to cut out teeth and stripes, then attach with glue.

Pirate Spoon Craft
Draw on beard with a brown marker, then add googly eyes. fold a hat using black construction paper, and glue on his head. Use a red marker to add stripes to his shirt.

We were really into this one (my kids being excited about the movie and all) so then we crafted an alligator out of a clothes pin. This was really fun! We colored him with a marker, and used 2 sideways green pony beads to hold the googly eyes on top of his head. Again with the zig zag scissors for his teeth, and we folded some construction paper accordion style to glue on his back. You can make the alligator open and close his mouth by pinching the clothes pin, but God protects St. Francis Xavier from being attacked! ;-)

Have fun learning about St. Xavier and the letter X! :-)

Grab Bag Ideas for the Letter X: (be sure to check out the Classroom Script for directions on using the grab bag.) picture of an X-ray, Xylophone, foX, boX, crucifiX, waX, the number siX, plastic aX, toolboX.

For More Resources, check out the Catholic Toolbox lesson plans for the Letter Xx. (Her Xx lesson is on Xerxes.)

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