How to Make Candy God's Eyes

I'm sure you've all seen God's Eyes, or "Ojo de Dios", but have you ever seen an edible God's eye?

Now you have! :-) This is normally the part where I tell you how easy this project is... well, don't hold your breath. Usually after I tell you how easy it was, that's when I tell you how much fun it was, and yes, it was a lot of fun! Also, it wasn't super difficult, but it did take a little patients. If you have some patients and would like to try to make this fun religious snack, read on. (If you've never made God's Eyes before, learn how to make them out of some good 'ol fashioned yarn first, m'k?)

Start with some dowels that are super glued together, 
and a bag of Twizzlers pull and peels.

Wrap the candy around in the same way that you would yarn. When you get to the end of a string of twizzlers, pinch the candy together in the back. Just give it a good, hard pinch and the candy will stick to itself. Add the next string using the same technique. 

Here's a picture of the back of mine.

That's it. I wouldn't try to make huge ones, just little ones. Also, they don't hold up long term- after they've been together awhile the candy starts pulling apart, so go ahead and eat them when you're finished.

Enjoy making (and eating) you candy God's Eyes!

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  1. This is absolutely the best, and perfect for my 1st grade religious education class.  


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