Bury the Alleluia- Activity for Lent through Easter

During lent, we don't say "Alleluia" or "Gloria"during worship. A good way to symbolize this to children during lent is the "bury the Alleluias". All you need to do is create an Alleluia of some kind (like a poster or banner) and then on Shrove Tuesday (aka, Mardi Gras) take it to it's hiding place... then you resurface it on Easter!

I've seen a lot of examples of this idea around the the internet that were beautiful, but as always, I needed to find a cheap (or better yet- FREE) way to do this, and then I found these free printable letters on Martha Stewart's site! I knew it was meant to be :-)

All you do is print the letters you need, and cut them out. I glue-sticked (is that a word? lol!) them to another paper and cut another circle around it for a border. Cut a slit in each side of the letters at the top for threading your ribbon through.

This came out looking a lot classier than I thought it might! And look closely at my pictures- the cutting of my circles was far from perfect! For lent, we are going to wrap it in purple tissue paper, and place it on our family altar awaiting its return on Easter morning!

On Easter, we will unwrap it and prominently display it across our mantel for the entire Easter season! :-)

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  1. Thanks so much! I've been putting off planning for Lent and I'm trying to get something easy together this weekened, preferably without a trip to the store. This and your printable Lenten calendar are saving my rear end! :)

  2. Beautiful! We will probably use this idea in our Lenten Workshop this coming weekend.

    Thanks so much.

  3. What a great idea this is!!! I love the kind of things that hopefully will help the kiddos remember our faith and why we do things!

    Thanks so much!

  4. Thank you for linking to the letters - they are lovely and can be used for so many things. We do the Alleluia in wooden letters, but now I can hang one as well.

  5. Thanks SO much for posting this idea. It was the perfect quick, simple way to pull this together for my girls at the last minute on Ash Wednesday afternoon. :) Thanks -- and of course I credited you on my blog. :)

  6. Thank you - we are a small every-denominational church for the British military community in Hameln, Germany, and our children are loving this great lenten calendar - I think we might make pretzels for everyone for tomorrow - how cool is that story! Thank you, Thank you, Thankyou.......

  7. That is definitely fantastic articles. I'll certainly be writing a blog and also downloading and sharing all of this. Exactly what I'm trying to find.

  8. I'm finding this post a year late, but love the idea of displaying the word Allelujah for the Easter season!


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