Upcoming Easter Link-Up!

*Updated to Say*

Easter Link-Up Here!

Easter is almost here! After our Lent Link-Up, I got many requests from you guys to have an Easter Link-Up- and who can blame you? Blog parties are fun!!! :-) So the Easter Link-Up will be on Wednesday, April 7. Get your Easter posts ready and show up here to link them!

Here's the button I made to help us all remember
the Easter Link-up is coming!

*When putting this code in your sidebar, if it's too wide and doesn't fit you fix it for your blog. Just  find the code that says ' width="150" ' and change the 150 to be however many pixels you want it to be until it fits right :-)*

So come back on Wednesday with your Easter posts ready, and I'll have a box up where you can all enter your links and visit everyone's posts! See you then :-)
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  1. wow! You are really amazing! I already copied this button and I tried to put your other button but it was too big for my sidebar. What can I do?

    You are an inspiration! Thanks!!

  2. Dear Lacy,
    I can't wait to see everyone's ideas.
    I love that we can get ideas form each other and share what is special to us
    Thanks again for organising this
    Have a Blessed Easter

  3. Lacy, thank you so much for all you do!! I really appreciate it!

    Is is ok to link my craft now? I have sick kiddos and am not sure when I'll get on the computer tomorrow morning.....this is day 3 of sickos!!


    It's not much, but it's something!

    God bless and happy Easter!


Thanks for your comments! They're the icing on my cake ;-)