Celebrate Pentecost Sunday with "Pentecost Sundaes"

Ok, I just loved the Divine Mercy Sundaes so much that you can pretty much expect "Liturgical Sundaes" to become a staple here. :-) It's such an easy way to celebrate- no prep, just serving time and delicious celebration of Pentecost Sunday with your kids! (No cooking involved is such a big plus for me!)

I'm very excited about these Pentecost Sundaes because they are chock full of Holy Spirit and Pentecost symbolism. Do you see it? 

Strawberry Syrup- red, the symbolic color of the Holy Spirit AND the Liturgical color of Pentecost Sunday. :-)

Dove Chocolates- dove, the most common symbol of the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus in the form of a dove at His baptism. (You can also get actual dove shaped candies in the wedding section of craft stores.)

Topped with a Fire Ball!- What, no cherry? fire ball, represents the 'tongues of fire'. "Then there appeared to them tongues as of fire, which parted and came to rest on each one of them." Acts 2:3

All served on Vanilla ice cream! Yum, Yum!

How do you celebrate Pentecost Sunday with your family? Leave your ideas and links in the comments! :-)

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  1. We try to dress everyone in red for Mass too!

  2. We will be baptizing our baby on Pentecost Sunday! I decided to have a Pentecost Celebration after... I'll post details on my blog. I'm very excited!!

  3. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!  I feel like we are blog-soul twins or something... hope that doesn't come across as creepy lol. 

  4. Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing!  Yum!  

  5. We try to wear red to Mass too! Then we come home to a table clad in red and eat a dessert that has red in it. The dessert has been different every year but we always re-tell the story of Pentecost, light our Christ Candle,and sing Happy Birthday to the Church. In recent years we have added a CGS type of prayer at the end of the celebration. pull out pictures of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and my hubby tells the kids about each gift. Then the children choose the gift they would like the Holy Spirit to give them that year. Each child lights a small candle and places it in front of the gift and then we pray to the Holy Spirit. I don't have pictures of this on the blog but I'll try to post some by Friday next week. http://meadowmagic-meadow.blogspot.com/

  6. Lacy, check this out: http://www.thecarelesscatholic.com/2011/06/flamming-cupcakes-for-pentecost.html
    I thought you'd be as awed as me when you see these. I wish I would have been able to go to that conference. Your bag is tooo cute! I bet you got a million people reconginizing you by your bag- how fun!

  7. Those cupcakes are AMAZING!!! What a great idea! Thanks for the link. I do
    love my new Catholic Icing bag, and it was really fun talking to readers at
    the conference. :-)

  8. Hi Lacy! I used your cute idea for our Pentecost Sundaes! They were a hit! Ours were much smaller because I paired it with the Cake this year. Thanks for the fun ideas!http://godscanvas.wordpress.com/2011/06/12/pentecost-sundaes/

  9. Great idea! Your pictures are beautiful! Cake and ice cream is totally the
    way to go for the birthday of the church. Thanks for the link! :-)


Thanks for your comments! They're the icing on my cake ;-)